Digital Radiographs

Less Radiation

The main benefit of using digital radiographs over traditional ones is less radiation. Even though traditional bitewing radiographs are safe, the digital option is healthier and more convenient for patients who have films taken on a regular basis or for those who would like the lowest radiation option available.

Higher-Quality Images

With traditional panoramic, bitewing and periapicals, your dentist prints the film, and holds it up to the light to read it. With digital x-rays, your dentist can take the image, bring it up on a computer monitor and edit if needed. For example, Dr. Linch or Dr. Bonno can enlarge the image for a better look or change the brightness and contrast, which will allow them to identify problems that may not have been seen on a traditional x-ray.  Also, with digital there is no wait time for films to develop, as they are seen instantly on the monitor.

Sharing of Dental Records

Whether you need to see a specialist (such as an oral surgeon, endodontist etc...) or need to transfer your dental records, it can be a difficult process. To transfer traditional x-rays, copies must first be made and mailed. With digital x-rays, the files can be sent by email, allowing others to receive and review the information immediately.

Information courtesy of eHOW.